Slim Hallway Storage Ideas

If you’re looking for stylish slim hallway storage, there are a few different options you can choose from. One of the best options is to purchase built-in benches that can be attached to the walls. These can be bought in several different colors and styles. Pegged shelving is also an excellent option. It can be easily installed into the walls. It’s also relatively easy to find. You can even purchase a unit that fits into an existing space.

Another option for narrow spaces is to use modular shelves. These are open shelving units that are installed directly into the wall, offering both aesthetic and functional value. They are also a great way to display art, if you have it. You can also install a storage ottoman, which has been gaining popularity in recent years. These versatile items can be used to store anything from shoes to bags to coats. Another good option is to install wall hooks. These allow you to hang your shoes and outerwear on the wall, while keeping your hallways open and uncluttered.

You can also install a coat rack, which fits snugly into a narrow space. The downside to coat racks is that they’re usually very bulky, so you may want to consider vacuum packing them if you have a lot of large items. Another option is a peg rail, which fits into the first landing space of your staircase. These are ideal for coat storage, because they space out the coats without crowding the pegs.

Bookcases are another option for narrow hallways. These can be a great way to add a decorative touch to the space, and many stores sell these in many different colors and shapes. Other options include sideboards and side tables. Staircases can also be used for storage. If you have kids, the space under the stairs can be turned into a play area for them. If you can find a bench that fits in a hallway, this might be the best option for you.

Another idea for narrow walls is to use an entryway bench. This can be handy for kicking off shoes, and you can even add a basket for smaller shoes. Taller boots and coats can stand on their own, so you can mount wall hooks above the bench to store them. These ideas are ideal for homes with small spaces and limited wall space. You can use these designs to make your entranceway look more stylish and organized. So go ahead and make your home entrance a place that everyone will enjoy. Once you have your entryway organized, you’ll be happy you did.